Aifric Lennon

Research Strategy Director - MassiveMusic London

Based out of our London office, Aifric is Director of Research Strategy for MassiveMusic globally. With an original background in neuroscience, she said goodbye to the medical lab to pursue a career in music, and completed an MSc in Music Mind and Brain at Goldsmiths University, graduating from her masters in 2017 and joining MassiveMusic the same year. Aifric is an expert in understanding how the connection between music and the brain can leverage brands through sound. She has led sonic identity and music strategy projects for many global brands including TikTok, Wikimedia, AccuWeather, Ithra and O2, and now heads up the research strategy department, helping brands and agencies tap into and optimise the potential impact of music and sound through objective sound-focused research and strategy. She was awarded as a Transform Magazine Young Contender of the Year 2022, is currently shortlisted as Creative Pool's Next Gen Talent of the year 2023 and has contributed articles and interviews to The BBC, The Drum, Design Week, Voice Magazine and more.
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